Best HamburgersI love hamburgers – always have. Over my lifetime I am pretty certain that my health will suffer from the amount of beef I have consumed. But we all have to go from something, right?

This site is dedicated to those who love can’t get enough of these sandwiches, and the appreciation for those that create this cuisine we can’t seem to get enough of. Different styles, different tastes and a world of flavor combinations from those places that care about their product as much as we do.

Ever since I can remember, I have always wanted to find what I believe the be the “perfect burger”. Holy Grail you say? Perhaps. This is definitely going to be an ongoing quest, butI am willing to go try just about any burger and put it up against all the others I have sampled before. Eventually, I hope to compile a list of my personal favorites that may be shared with the masses, or open a dialogue with other burger lovers about places they hold dear.

In the end – that is the fun part. The eternal love of all things beef, the sharing of ideas, tastes and the discovery of new places to visit. With that in mind, I hope you enjoy my ever-growing list and contribute with your own ideas and experiences.


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