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Dave’s Burger Quest

My name is David Ferguson and I have a hamburger problem.

Isn’t the first step in any program admitting your addiction? In my nearly half-century of being alive, many things continue to change. But one of the few “constants” I can remember from my youth to the current day is my love of hamburgers.

Dayton HamburgersSpecial meals for birthdays? Hamburgers. First thing I think of when going out to eat? Hamburgers. You get the point.

Don’t get me wrong – I love Italian food, steak and seafood just like the next guy. But I also am an everyday, working man and know those meals don’t come very often or without paying the price. Hamburgers though…are easily the least expensive food vice around. And they come in all shapes, sizes and flavors.

I Know What You’re Thinking…WHY?!?

After having a great burger, I typically think to myself “Wow, I should remember this place for the future.” As mentioned above, I am nearing the 50 plateau and my memory isn’t quite as sharp as it once was! There have been times I considered keeping a list of great burgers handy, just in case I get a hankering, and never have followed through with the idea.

But now I have started Dave’s Burger Quest – an online listing of great hamburgers I have tried in the area. Not only for me, but also for others who share in the love of this inexpensive delicacy. This site is designed for the sharing of new discoveries, opinions and recipes. I do not get paid by anyone, and the cost comes out of my pocket with each burger I try. I simply do this because I love comparing and discovering new places that share my passion.

No Worries – Just Burgers

So please feel free to join in or start any discussions on our message board. I think I made it so you have to become a member (free) to take part. I think it was to prevent any spam or junk from appearing that is so common online these days. I will not give out any personal info or use it to solicit you in any way.


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