Burger Criteria

Ranking Burgers

Okay, let’s not put too much into this – because in the end, it’s all about the flavor and experience you get when eating an elite hamburger. Nuff said, right?

But there are a few guidelines I will adhere to when searching and sampling the very best burgers in the area. Most of these will be self-evident, but we do need to establish some ground rules.

burger criteriaWhat WILL NOT Be Sampled for Review

  1. Fast Food Burgers. Let’s be honest, there are some decent burgers out there based upon convenience and the speed at which they can get into your mouth. And some places do borderline upon fast food/sit down restaurants, so what exactly are we talking about? I guess the easy way to put it – if it has a “drive thru” – it’s fast food. So while Wendy’s makes their hamburgers fresh, and a recently prepared Whopper is a pretty good sandwich, they will not be considered.
  2. Non-Restaurant Burgers. The whole point of sharing the information I collect is that it can be “shared” with anyone else wanting to find out for themselves. I can’t review specialty burgers only offered at unique venues like a ballpark, or prepared by my best friend’s uncle at our family cookout on July fourth. Everything in my quest will be available to the general public to consume and form their own opinions.

What WILL Be Sampled for Review

  1. burger criteriaSignature Burgers (first and foremost). I realize there are many places that feature a wide variety of gourmet burgers. Red Robin, Bagger Dave’s and others come to mind. And while I will most likely get back to these specialty burgers in time –  (you know I will)initially the “signature” burger of the restaurant will be sampled first. That’s what put them on the map.In most cases, I would select the American cheeseburger classic. You can hide a “pretender” under a ton of sauce and onion rings. If it’s a great burger, it will be great in it’s traditional form. But again, I know that some places signature burgers ARE different (like with a fried egg or special sauce, etc.) So I will always try to sample the sandwich that the place is known for first. Could one of the others become my favorite…yes, of course. But I will work my way up.
  2. Overall Experience. Not just limited to the obvious case of the burger, but also the plating, preparation, juiciness, quality of bun/bread and how filling it is. As a working man myself, cost will also be included. If it is a great burger and also affordable, well that certainly leaves you feeling better about your experience. I will consider service to be equal at all places, unless something really stands out either way.

So with that out of the way, I would love to hear from you about the best burger you have ever tasted for future trips.


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