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The Voss Burger at O’Leary’s Pub & Grub

9450 Dayton Lebanon Pike, Centerville, Ohio 45458
(937) 433-1554
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Can a Hamburger be TOO BIG?!?

That was my initial reaction when the Voss Burger was placed in front of me. Far be it from me to complain about “more of something” – especially a hamburger of this magnitude.

O'Leary's Voss BurgerO’Leary’s Pub & Grub do themselves proud with this one. Two hand-smashed patties of ground chuck from nearby Zink’s Meat Market, kaiser roll, cheese, pickles, lettuce tomato, mayo, ketchup and mustard. This would be the works for any normal cheeseburger, but the Voss also adds their special cole slaw under the patties. When all stacked up, it seriously makes you figure out how to put it into your mouth?

Let me say that you will need a lot of napkins for this one, so be prepared. The gound chuck is juicy and flavorful. The toppings are fresh, but the addition of the slaw is what makes this burger. There is a decent portion of slaw added, yet it doesn’t overwhelm the taste – just adds to it subtly. Very nice indeed.

The waitress actually brought me a fork, just in case I would have to eat it as a meal, and not as a sandwich. Because it does fall apart on you after the juices get flowing, and combined with the height, makes it sort of difficult to eat with just two hands. If I had to go to the fork, I would have penalized this delight. A hamburger is made to be eaten as a sandwich, not with a fork and knife. Thankfully, I was able to keep “smashing” it into my face (oh, the glory of it all), and finish it like a true burger should be eaten.

So I would suggest that if you ever visit O’Leary’s Pub & Grub, give the Voss Burger a try. It is really very tasty, and the price includes a side of french fries. It is messy, and will get away from you quickly. Just don’t go for the fork and you’ll be completely satisfied with this SOLID BURGER.

And for me, the best rating I can give a place is simply answering the question…

“Would I come back here again?” The answer to that is MOST LIKELY!



Affordability for the Working Man: $11 for the Voss Burger, fries and a water

Chances Would I Consider Going Back: Most Likely


Elite BurgerSolid ChoiceDecent BurgerUmmm…noChild Please!


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