Slyder’s Tavern

10 Oz. Cheeseburger at Slyder’s Tavern

836 Watervliet Ave., Dayton, OH 45420
(937) 258-1222
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Slyder's TavernSlyder’s Tavern is a typical hometown bar/restaurant. Full bar, televisions, back room for more seating – clean and comfortable. Parking is a bit cramped, and if you park on the wrong side of the building, the company next door will have you towed…which sucks. So just be careful to park in the lot designated for Slyder customers. There are signs in both, clearly letting you know if you are in the wrong lot.

Other than that, the services was great. My waitress was really nice and always checked on me for anything I might need. Even brought me extra napkins, because you WILL need them with this mouth-watering hamburger!


What can I say but WOW!

Slyder's TavernSlider’s tavern is listed among the city’s best on several different web sites. So it was a no brainer that I would include this place on my Burger Quest. The sandwich comes with lots of toppings, and I loaded it up with the fresh lettuce, tomato and pickles. Added may, then mustard and ketchup from the table. Once assembled, it was maybe more than my mouth could get in one bite – stacked high. But once you got that bit…man, oh man…you could tell this was without question an ELITE BURGER.

The burger is cooked on “Grandma’s old iron-cast stove and steel grill.” The beef has an amazing seasoning added, which you can taste with each bite. I believe they get it from the nearby Dot’s Market, and is comprised of 80/20 ground chuck. Extremely juicy and unlike the standard meats you get at chain restaurants. Combined, the flavor, fresh toppings and soft bun make for a hamburger that will be in the discussion for the very best.

Do yourself a favor and go try this burger. You will not be disappointed. And for me, the best rating I can give a place is simply answering the question…

“Would I come back here again?” The answer to that is every chance I get!



Affordability for the Working Man: $10.15 for Slyder’s 10 oz. Cheeseburger, fries and a water

Chances Would I Consider Going Back: 100%


Elite BurgerSolid ChoiceDecent BurgerUmmm…noChild Please!



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