The Hamburger Wagon

Single Sliders at the Hamburger Wagon

12 E Central Ave, Miamisburg, OH 45342
(937) 847-2442
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Simple, Spicy…Super!

Hamburger Wagon
The Hamburger Wagon Slider

Growing up in a neighboring town, the Hamburger Wagon has always been a local legend. Everyone has tried them, and seemingly everyone will tell you how good their hamburgers are. Believe it or not, they have been in business since 1913 – doing burgers their way and still going strong. Just don’t be put off that it literally is a wagon on the sidewalk, instead of a restaurant with tables and chairs.

Speaking of “strong”, let this be a warning for all of you who have never partaken of the Wagon’s sliders…they will STAY WITH YOU!

Of course, I mean this in a good way. I love onions, banana peppers, Tabasco® – pretty much all spicy foods. So when I am driving home from the Hamburger Wagon, and my mouth is still “tingly”…well, that’s a bonus. And before you worry too much, there is no “secret hot sauce” or insanely hot peppers added to the mix.

The beauty of these burgers is in their simplicity.

The hamburger meat is actually a mixture of beef and sausage. That adds a little spice right off the bat. Each patty is deep-fried in a large iron skillet and will give a nice “crunch” with every bite. They do not use any condiments – again, keeping it simple and letting the natural ingredients do all the talking. Each slider comes with a helping of salt and pepper added, along with a pickle slice and a whole slice of onion.

SECOND WARNING: The onion will stay with you the rest of the day! If that is not appealing to you, they do make them without onion upon request, but I can’t imagine it is nearly as good.

This little hamburger packs a huge punch! Full flavor with every bite. And quite possibly offer the best “value per price” of any hamburger on this list. At $1.25 each, you can have an affordable meal of four sliders for only 5 bucks!

So I would suggest stopping by the Hamburger Wagon next time you are in Miamisburg and give it a try. You will not be disappointed if you like a bold taste. Personally, I consider this to be a very unique and SOLID BURGER.

And the best rating I can give a place is simply answering the question…

“Would I come back here again?” The answer to that is PROBABLY.



Affordability for the Working Man: $5 for four Hamburger Wagon Sliders

Chances Would I Consider Going Back: Probably


Elite BurgerSolid ChoiceDecent BurgerUmmm…noChild Please!


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